Bridge Staff Family!

Calling ALL Bridge Staff!!

Check out: The Bridge - Staff Group, on facebook!

The Bridge - Staff Group - Facebook Page

We're excited to see all of our old friends again! And, introduce you to the newest Bridge Staff members, too!

The same leadership behaviors of respect apply in our Bridge Staff Group, as at The Bridge. Please remember to be "Bridge-like" in your group-related communications.

Please note that this group is only open to those who have trained to be a Staff member at The Bridge (you know who you are!). If you have taken The Bridge Training (at ANY time!), and would like to join the group, just send us a note and let us know when you trained (what year, approximately is ok, if it's been a while). We're looking forward to hearing from you!

And, if you haven't yet trained to be a Bridge Staff member, please follow our Facebook page to be notified of the next training, so YOU, too, can help facilitate The Bridge, attend Staff-only Events like the Holiday Party, Staff Picnic, and Annual Retreat, and of course, join The Bridge - Staff Group on facebook!